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  • 200+ Live and Recorded Classes
  • Doubt Classes for better learning
  • Topic Quizzes and Study Notes for Revision
  • Comprehensive coverage of entire syllabus

Batch Timings

  • Monday 08:00 AM onwards (1 Hr 15 Min approx)
  • Tuesday 08:00 AM onwards (1 Hr 15 Min approx)
  • Wednesday 08:00 AM onwards (1 Hr 15 Min approx)
  • Thursday 08:00 AM onwards (1 Hr 15 Min approx)
  • Friday 08:00 AM onwards (1 Hr 15 Min approx)
  • Saturday 08:00 AM onwards (1 Hr 15 Min approx)

*These timings may change occasionally. Any other special class/doubt class will be notified during the course. Cancellation of a particular class due to any reason will also be notified.

Requirements to take this course

  • Laptop/Smartphone to run website/app
  • High Speed Internet Connectivity to watch live/recorded videos
  • Working headphones/earphones/speakers
  • Ability to understand English/Hindi language
  • Commitment and Dedication to learn and crack the exam

About Instructors

Amit Sir

English Faculty

Amit Sir is a teacher of English Language. He has been teaching English Language since 2000. He completed his MA and M.com from CSJM University. He discovered his passion for teaching after completing his P.G.. Since then, he has sought any opportunity to introduce students to the wonderful world of English Language.

Syllabus of Competitive English Part (A) : Spotting Error


2.Possessive Case of Noun

3. Pronoun

4. Conjunction

5. Adjective

6. Article

7. Tail Question / Question Tag

8. Redundancies

9. Adverb

10. Verb

11. Preposition


Part B Some other topics of Grammar


(a)- Active Voice & Passive Voice

(b)-Changes in Degree

(c)- Remove adverb 'Too'

(d)- Add Adverb 'Too'

2Narration / Direct- Indirect Speech

(a) Indirect of Simple and Negative sentences

(b) Indirect of Interrogative sentences

(c) indirect of imperative sentences

(d) Indirect of 'let' type sentences

(e) Indirect of Exclamatory

(f) Indirect of Optative sentences

3- Para jumble of sentences

4- Jumble words

5- Sentence improvement

6- Cloze test / Filler

7- Passage

8- Spelling Correction


Part (C) Vocabulary (शदकोष शदकोष)

1- Synonyms

2- Antonyms

3- Confusing Words

4- Foreign Plural

5- Idioms & Phrases

6- Phrasal Verbs

7- One word substitution

8- Place where animals, birds & things are kept

9- Place where things are made or used

10-Some collective references

11- Home of each

12- List of cide

13- List of mania

14- List of phobia

15-List of logy and graphy

16-Cries of birds & animals

17- Home of each

19- Movement of each

20- Some males & females

21- Slangs

22- Cluster of Words

23- Types of government

24- And many more vocabulary



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