English Classes for Govt. Jobs by Er. Ajay Gupta (Batch 1 - 2:00 to 3:30 PM)

Pathan Paathan


Live Class 200

Doubt Class Yes

Study Notes Yes

Start Date 18 Nov 2019

Duration 90 Days

Language En/Hi

Class Tests Yes

What's Included

  • 200+ Live and Recorded Classes
  • Doubt Classes for better learning
  • Topic Quizzes and Study Notes for Revision
  • Comprehensive coverage of entire syllabus

Test Series (Optional)

Banking, SSC & Railways Combined

  • 27 Exams Covered
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Batch Timings

  • Monday 02:00 PM onwards (1 Hr 30 Min approx)
  • Tuesday 02:00 PM onwards (1 Hr 30 Min approx)
  • Wednesday 02:00 PM onwards (1 Hr 30 Min approx)
  • Thursday 02:00 PM onwards (1 Hr 30 Min approx)
  • Friday 02:00 PM onwards (1 Hr 30 Min approx)
  • Saturday 02:00 PM onwards (1 Hr 30 Min approx)

These timings may or may not change occasionally as the course progress. Any other special class/doubt class will be notified during the course. Cancellation of a particular class due to any reason will also be notified.

Requirements to take this course

  • Laptop/Smartphone to run website/app.
  • High Speed Internet Connectivity to watch live/recorded videos
  • Working headphones/earphones/speakers
  • Ability to understand English/Hindi language
  • Commitment and Dedication to learn and crack the exam

A. Grammar

1. Introduction of Syllabus & Basic Understanding of Parts of speech

2. Case study

3. Sentence & kinds of sentences

4. Use of there/how many/how much/ and basic understanding Article

5. Time & Tense

6. Causative Verb

7. Conditional Sentence

8. Nonfinite Verb

9. Complex Sentence (Noun clause, Adj. clause, Adv. clause )

10. Conjunction

11. Voice

12. Narration

13. Noun

14. Pronoun

15. Adj./ Determiner

16. Adv.

B. Comprehension:

C. Cloze Test


E. Word Power

1. Synonyms

2. Antonyms

3. Idioms

4. One words

5. Preposition

6. Phrasal verbs

7. Homonyms

8. Confusing words

9. Root words

25-11-2019 14:15
Intro Class 90 min approx
26-11-2019 14:00
Intro Class 2 90 min approx
27-11-2019 14:00
Intro Class 3 90 min approx
28-11-2019 14:00
Intro Class 4 90 min approx
29-11-2019 14:00
Intro Class 5 90 min approx
02-12-2019 14:00
Intro Class 6 90 min approx
03-12-2019 14:00
Intro Class 7 90 min approx
04-12-2019 14:00
Intro Class 8 90 min approx
05-12-2019 14:00
Intro Class 9 90 min approx
06-12-2019 14:00
Intro Class 10 90 min approx
07-12-2019 14:00
Intro Class 11 90 min approx
09-12-2019 14:00
Intro Class 12 90 min approx
10-12-2019 14:00
Intro Class 13 90 min approx
11-12-2019 14:00
Intro Class 14 90 min approx
12-12-2019 14:00
Intro Class 15 90 min approx
er. ajay gupta sir from pathan paathan

Er. Ajay Gupta Sir

Faculty (English)

Dear Students, I think teaching should be in a lucid way. Our team including me is committed to impart honest and useful learning experience by adapting highly innovative and personal interactive teaching method.

Founded in 2015 Pathan Paathan is a trusted name in providing best education in Allahabad. Equipped with state-of-the art classrooms and best faculties of Allahabad, we are the leading institution for preparation of competitive exams e.g. SSC/Bank/Railway etc. along with foundation and targeted courses. We are the only institute in Allahabad having the Highest Selection giving in SSC/Bank/Railway since last 5 years in a continuous row.

About Pathan Paathan


Q. How to buy a paid course?

A. To buy a paid Course go to Get Access Now, Register yourself and make payment online. If there is any issue in buying online course you can get in touch on 9210064691

Q. How to attend live classes?

Go to Livolearn Website, click on Login, enter your Login Id and Password and go to Dashboard to watch Live Classes.

Q. Can we ask doubts?

Yes, You can. You need to type your doubts on chat box and the teacher will address your doubts.

Q. Can we download videos?

No, you can only watch videos. You can’t download.

Q. Do you provide study material?

Yes we do provide Study material in Pdf format which you can download or take print.

Q. Can I get refund of the payment made?

Fee once paid is not refundable. Testkit reserves the right to refund along with other considerations.

Q. What are the hardware requirements to join this course?

Laptop/Smartphone to run website/app, High Speed Internet Connectivity to watch live/recorded videos, Working headphones/earphones/speakers.
Chrome Browser is preferred for playing videos.

Q. Can I pay in installments?

We do not provide option to make payment in instalment. You can pay using credit card by availing EMI options.

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